Madressa Policies:

Sunday School                   

Assembly: 10:45 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Madressa: 10:50 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


Fees For Students:

For 1 Child: $25.00  per month.

$15.00 per additional child as well as per month.

Also, there's a ONE TIME Library Fee of $5.00 per child that isn't waived.

1 Child for the whole year is $255.

2 Children for the whole year is $410.

3 Children for the whole year is $495. 


                                          Age Group For Students:

                                      Kindergarten Until 12th. Grade.



To Educate the Islamic Studies and Principals in the most fair and Interactive way possible while setting an Example at the same time to the Students!

Rules For Students:

1. Students must Not have more than 3 Absentees- Otherwise there will be Consequences. 3 Absences in a row requires re-registration and a $15 fee

2. Must observe Hijab. Must observe Proper Hijab when on Mosque/ School Grounds.

   A. For Females: Long Sleeve Clothes, Long Pants, Tops which are Mid-Thigh Length which are loose as well, and one Maghneeyah will be provided by Madressa with a OneTime Fee of $10. If you are interested in buying more, then you will pay upon your own Expenses.

   * If your Child comes to Madressa without Proper Hijab, they will get a Warning and will have to wear an Abbaya for the Day.

   B. For Males: Hijab of the Eyes, NO Shorts, Sleeves at least Elbow Level, No Shirts with Inappropriate Messages or Pictures.

3. Must watch their language.

4. Respect one another.

5. Must be Prepared & Participate when coming to Sunday School.

6. Must Behave during Namaaz.

   A. If they Miss Behave during Namaaz, then a Staff Member will speak to the Parents of the Child. 

7. Must raise their hand before speaking unless otherwise.

8. Must stay on Mosque/ School Grounds and Respect the Mosque at ALL times.

9. NO Cellphones or Chewing Gum during Madressa! (If Phone Calls are needed for Emergency Purposes...then your Child shall speak with a Staff Member/ Teacher, Please!)

10. Put away your Coats & Shoes Properly.

11. Leave the Mosque Cleaner than when you had Entered it.



Rules For Parents:

1. Please bring your kids on time at 10:40 A.M. on Sunday's for Madressa.


2. Make sure your kids are well rested and well fed before

coming to  Madressa


3. Be Responsible about Missed Classes.


4. Dress Appropriately when dropping and picking up your kids please.


5. Be Respectful of Classes that are in Session.